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AI Lab One was a team of passionate professionals fascinated with Artificial Intelligence and a mission to accelerate the adoption of AI in society. We consulted and trained private organizations, government and NGOs on their AI strategies and ways to develop new AI solutions.

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Weight Gain Prediction for Pregnant Women

In collaboration with EW2Health we developed a strategy and proof of concept for an AI tool helping pregnant women track their weight gain and make sure they are in healthy

AI in Healthcare Program

We run a 4-month long open innovation program consisting of a series of events helping teams to develop new concepts for applications of artificial intelligence in the healthcare field.

The Mothership

The Mothership is an 8-week long innovation program supporting teams and startups in building solutions contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

A Project with The Hague Municipality

We worked on an experiment with the municipality of The Hague that involved an AI strategy and proof of concept.

Grow with AI Program

We trained organizations and executives on what AI can do for them and how to define AI business cases.

AI for Good Hackathons

Together with our partners of Data Science Initiative we co-organized the two biggest hackathons in the region with hundreds of participants.


We were featured in a list of the most impactful AI startups in the Netherlands by



ahmed rbaibi data scientist ai lab one

Ahmed Rbaibi


A data scientist with passion for innovation and business development.

bobby bahov ceo ai lab one

Bobby Bahov


Serial entrepreneur with passion for exponential technologies and their effects on everyday life and business.


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