Do you want to leverage the power of AI for your business?

Focus areas

Data Enrichment and Analytics

Your data is your most important asset. Knowing what you can do with it and how to improve it is crucial.

Are you dealing with fraud cases and projects? There are ways to significantly automate the process.

Chatbots are increasingly used for internal and external communications.

Customer Churn

Knowing when customers might leave you or switch to a competitor is the first step towards retaining them.

Predictive Maintenance

Reducing downtime and incidents can save you money and a lot of time.



Step#1: Analyse

Understand what artificial intelligence can do for your organizations and what are its effects on your industry.
Define a Goal

Step#2: Strategize

Define requirements, stakeholders, data sources, frameworks, and project plan.
Define a Concept

Step#3: Validate

We develop a prototype of an AI solution for you and help you validate its effects for your organization.
Deliver a Prove of Concept

Step#4: Scale

We evaluate the Prove of Concept, improve the data sources, and expand the capabilities of the system.
Deliver a Full AI solution

Step#5: Integrate

Together we integrate the new system in your organization and provide the right training.
Continuous Support


we love innovation

Grow with AI Program

We train organizations and executives on what AI can do for them and how to define AI business cases.

AI for Good Hackathons

Together with our partners of Data Science Initiative we co-organized the two biggest hackathons in the region with hundreds of participants.

AI in Healthcare

A 4-month long open innovation program consisting of a series of events helping teams to develop new concepts for applications of artificial intelligence in the healthcare field.

The Mothership

The Mothership is an 8-week long innovation program supporting teams and startups in building solutions contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Employers looking to hire people in the field of data science or job seekers interested in comparing expectations, this report is for you!

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On our YouTube channel you can find vlogs and podcasts containing useful AI insights.

AI Lab Insights youtube channel

Read our blog for industry analysis on the most interesting applications of AI.

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AI lab one

AI Lab One is a team of passionate professionals fascinated with Artificial Intelligence. We consult and train organizations to increase their performance, discover where AI can immediately provide value to their business models, develop new AI solutions, and help them scale and grow.

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