We help business, government, and society stay ahead of the curve with artificial intelligence.

Our products and services help your organization integrate, benefit, and grow with
artificial intelligence. Above all, we believe that the human being should be in the center of this and to be able to focus and make better decisions through the assistance of AI. We encourage innovation and bridge the gap between people and technology.

Through our in-house training program, a local community of specialists, and partnerships with universities, incubators, and global expert networks, AI Lab One builds and operates an ecosystem of innovation and adoption of Artificial Intelligence where creative ideas become scalable solutions and where the next generation of data scientists is curated.  


Ahmed Rbaibi

Chief Data Scientist

A data scientist with passion for innovation and business development.

Bobby Bahov

Bobby Bahov

Chief Executive Officer

Serial entrepreneur with passion for exponential technologies and their effects on everyday life and business.

damiano AI lab

Damiano Pellegrino PhD

Science R&D

Molecular biologist with passion for bioinformatics and data science, ready to unlock the power of AI for aging and cancer.


Hans op 't Landt

Chief Commercial Officer

Hans is experienced in Marketing, Sales, and Business Development and fascinated by the opportunities of AI

Vikram Radhakrishnan

Computer Vision Specialist

A PhD candidate at Leiden University specializing in artificial intelligence.

Vladimir ai lab

Vladimir Obradovic

Product Development

A senior software engineer and data Scientist, Vladimir is always thinking of new cool products and applications.

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